Trung Vuong Alumni – Houston, Inc.



Trung Vuong Alumni – Houston Inc. is a non-profit organization with members of the organization are the alumni of the Trung Vuong High School & Middle School in Saigon, Vietnam to maintain and conduct charitable events for cultural purposes.

There are over 100 members in Houston and the surroundings and over 160 members in Texas (see “”, page “Lien Lac-Contact”).


President: Dieu-Trang T. Bui

Secretary: Dorothy Tran

Treasurer: Huong H. Pham

Operating Board of Directors:

The operating board of directors are elected by the members every 2 years to organize events for the organization. The current board of directors are:

Leader: Dieu-Trang T. Bui

Treasurer: Huong H. Pham

Communication: Chau-Ha Dam, Dam-Giang Nguyen, Thuy-Phuong Nguyen

News & Magazine: Dieu-Trang T. Bui, Thanh-Yen Le

Event Culture Art & Music: Dorothy Tran & Bao-Ngoc Le

Event Reception: Ngan-Khanh Dao, Hoang-Dieu Chu, Kim-Tram Pham

Event Decoration: Phuong-Thao Vu, My-Lien Vo, Thuy-Hoa Tran, Ngoc-Yen Vu


The purposes of the organization are:

  • To maintain the spirit of the Vietnamese historic heroes, heroines and heritage cultures.
  • To organize events for members & families and friends to meet each other to exchange information, to share life experiences and to recall the memories under the high school times together. The events have an underlying theme of the Vietnamese culture to entertain the attendees.
  • To provide mental, physical, financial support to members and people in the community who are in difficult situations such as illness, financial hardship, death in family, and general suffering as needed.
  • To honor and support the ex-school teachers and provide assistance for their trip to visit the annual events.
  • To raise fund for financial support to the community
  • To support, volunteer and participate in the community events
  • To support, volunteer and participate in the religious, cultural events and the arts.
  • To support charities in the greater Houston area and the world in general.
  • To nurture and encourage the younger generations to understand and to maintain the spirit of the Vietnamese cultures.
  • To encourage the younger generations to keep the good traditions of respecting the teachers, senior citizens, others and helping and sharing with others to alleviate human sufferings.